Throughout my life, I have taken on big challenges, and delivered. When others ran scared from the NRA, I stood up to the gun lobby, pushed for expanded background checks, and closed the Gun Show Loophole. In 2002, I led the fight to offer Pre-K to every Florida child, lowered violent crime by 44 percent, and passed critical funding to expand public transit.

As Mayor, I was proud to leave Miami-Dade safer, cleaner and more prosperous than I found it.
Sixteen years later, I am worried about where we are headed. The County Commission raids dedicated transportation funds to balance the County Budget and delays transit projects, while commutes get worse. Homelessness and crime continue to persist, while income inequality and housing costs skyrocket, forcing many life-long residents out of their neighborhoods because wages haven’t kept up.
I am the only candidate in this race with a bold vision for the future of Miami-Dade, and a proven record of leadership that shows that I will take action to get the job done. You can count on me to take on the big challenges of our day, like making sure our transportation funds deliver the transportation projects that were intended, cracking down on gun violence and street crime, preserving and building more affordable housing, cleaning up Biscayne Bay and protecting the Everglades, and expanding mental health services across the County.
I have been fortunate enough to raise my three kids and start a family business here. I love this community and know that with the right leadership, we can come together to solve the issues of our time and secure a brighter future for all Miami-Dade County.

Alex Penelas

Policy Positions

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